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福寿園 京都本店


福寿園 京都本店

The Garden of Kyoto | Kyo no niwa

The Spirit of Tea in An Urban Retreat.
The garden is a crossroads of people and nature, a place where we open our hearts to one another.
Colored by imperial culture, the small gardens of Kyoto set the landscape within which traditions that exist deep in our souls are nurtured. And it is this idea that forms the basis of Ujicha culture. Our Garden in the Sky is an attempt to revive the essence of this cultural tradition within a modern framework through landscape architecture that goes beyond time and space.
Nurtured in Rakuchu and the region extending from Toganoo to Yamashiro, Ujicha culture has been, transmitted from generation to generation and now to the world as the epitome of Kyoto’s natural environment and now to the world as the epitome of Kyoto’s natural environment and cultural history.
Cultivating this magnificent revival will lead us to a spiritually abundant future.

The Artistic Tradition of Kyoto | Kyo no waza

Our Living National Treasures: Their Legend Begins Here.
Visitors can enjoy artwork displays on each floor by 7 masters celebrated as Living National Treasures.
Our family precept is Musei-kojin which means “A crowd can be gathered without uttering a world.” In other words, good products speak for themselves.
At Fukujuen, this precept has been our mainstay throughout our long tradition of tea-making in our quest to approach the artistic skills of Kyoto’s masters.
We hope these displays will entice visitors to further their understanding of dynasty culture and facilitate the transmission of Kyoto’s artistic tradition.
Basement Level Display

Uichi Shimizu 〈Hourai jar of irregular form with two glazes〉
1th Floor Display

Akira Murayama 〈Musei-kojin〉(”A crowd can be gathered without uttering a word.”)
神代杉 柾合わせ木画
2th Floor Display

Kiyotsugu Nakagawa 〈Jindai cedar wood with inlaid spindle wood〉
「瑞鳥 四季」「吉祥鴛鴦」
3th Floor Display

Tokio Hata 〈Auspicious bird, Four season〉〈Good omen, Mandarin duck〉
4th Floor Display

Shokosai Hayakawa 〈Flower basket with lozenge design〉
掛軸 萬歳錦
5th Floor Display

Hyoji Kitagawa 〈Manzainishiki〉(”A felicitous and joyful occasion”)
9th Floor Display

Yuzo Kondo 〈Sometsuke vase depicting Mt.Fuji, decorated with gold〉

The Light of Kyoto | Kyo no hikari

A Large Lantern Illuminating the City of Kyoto.
Where the Tradition Meets the Modern.
When the lighting on the latticework changes color, it illuminates the city of Kyoto.
Architecture that is simultaneously old and new – That is the concept of our Kyoto Flagship Store. Authentic Japanese elements such as black granite, cubic lattice, stone, lime plaster and earth-tone stucco are in perfect fusion with modern elements such as glass, aluminum, iron and LED lighting.
This delightful encounter of the traditional with the modern permeates the entire space, extending to the smallest detail in our restrooms and lighting fixtures.
The exterior lighting uses solar panels as its energy source, reflecting our commitment to the environment. Kyoto culture is founded on this coexistence of contrasting elements, a tradition to be inherited by succeeding generations.